Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey! Long time no see!

These pictures are all out of order...but these first 5 are from our trip to NY for the weekend of July 4th.
7/10 This was on the 4th at the subway station by our hotel. We were on our way to Time Square area to see fireworks...

7/10 Giant ToysRUs Ferris wheel

7/10 On the Ferris wheel

7/10 First day of our trip on the subway. We were on our way to Queens where the Reyes family lived for 8yrs.

7/10 First day

8/10 In Shenandoah Resort with the Ogden clan who came to visit for Miriam's baptism.

8/10 My big baby riding a pony at Shenandoah Resort with the family.

8/10 Flat Livvy and me watching Evoly get her first hair cut!

4/10 Decorating Easter eggs together :)

4/10 This is what the dishwasher looked like after I put all the egg dying cups in. I thought it looked cool... :)

4/10 The traditional Easter meatloaf

4/10 My beautiful Evoly on Easter Sunday.

5/10 Evoly and Laurie

5/10 Best Friends. They are SOOOO cute together!

7/10 Evoly's birthday party. One of her new friends, Juliet came and her parents brought this bouncy house. It was a HIT!

7/10 My beauty after her party
7/10 All dressed up waiting for her friends to arrive for her party!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I was going through pictures to put on my facebook and I came across these videos. I can't stop smiling. I LOVE my baby so much. She's grown so much even in 7 months. ENJOY!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Richmond Zoo Trip

We went to the zoo last week. I forget what day...Anyway, since Marlon's been out of work we had been sitting around a lot and were sick of being couped up so we headed out. We went to the Richmond Zoo which neither of us had been to, to see the animals. It was fun. Nice sunny, but not too hot kind of day. There were lots more animals than this. This is just all I took pictures of.

These guys are cute. I think they're like Prairie Dogs or something. They were doing a lot of construction around the zoo so some things weren't marked...

These ones (forget what they're called) were really friendly. They were all gathered around staring at us.

I knew Bison were big but I don't remember them being SO huge and intimidating.

African penguins

At the Richmond Zoo you can feed like half of the animals. Giraffe is one of them! So cool. You can feed them and pet them.

There were two HUGE Tortoises.

Two beautiful White Tigers

The most hillarious Orangotang. There was a man there throwing the food pelets into the water and the orangotan would grab it and then do what looked like the sign language "thank you."

Then the couple started to walk away and he followed them. Another couple started feed him again, but not fast enough.

This was at the end of our trip and Marlon was on the phone with a man from T-Mobile Auth. dealers offering him a job! Finally!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I can't believe it!

There are two things that I treasure most in life. One is my life and second is my baby girl....[and Marlon but only sometimes ;)]

I didn't make a post for Evoly's birthday but I will today for her party. Evoly is a kind, energetic, loving, smart, and oh so beautiful. Here is how my baby has grown.

New born princess 7/27/07
6 mo. 1/27/08
1 yr. 7/27/08
1 1/2 yrs. 1/27/09
2!!!! 7/27/09

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

8 Things

8 Favorite TV Shows: So You Think You Can Dance
The Office
I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
Dancing With the Stars
The Tyra Show

8 Things I Did Yesterday: I honestly can't remember...How about today?
Ate breakfast with baby
Left Evoly with daddy!
Went to Target to return stuff
Went to Payless to look for baby shoes
Went to Dollar Tree and got pool toys
Went to the gym
Did school work and took a test...%100

8 Restaurants I Love: Applebees
Red Robin
Pizza Express
Top's China
Olive Garden
Casa Grande
Bottom's Up Pizza

8 Things I Look Forward To: Finishing school
Working from home
Making booko bucks
Buying a new car!!
Get Invisilign
Going to FL
Going to WA
Losing weight

8 Things on My Wish List: New Car
A a few years
Go to FL
Go to WA
Rockin' Bod!

8 People I Tag: Don't know anyone who hasn't been tagged already

Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is the best video...

Nothing ground breaking to report...Just lots of cute moments of my bebe. Check Picasa :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Neeeeew Phoooooooooooooone

LG Versa. Touch Screen. I love you Verizon!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Poor Baby

Evoly was helping me bring the groceries in last week and she tripped on a crack and scraped her little knee and and elbow. This might sound a little messed up, but it was so cute! Her first knee scrape! She is such a big girl. She didn't even cry. It was a pretty good scrape on her knee, too. Here are a few pictures of my big girl!